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Debts suck! There’s no going around it. Even if you manage to land a deal at favorable terms, you may still have problems paying back your dues at crucial turns of your life. Banks usually have several options for debt payment and may be willing to offer concessions and otherwise assistance if you find it hard to pay back.

However, private debt collection agencies are very different. You can expect serious levels of misbehavior and even harassment from these people. While you do owe them money and are legally bound to pay them back, this does not give them any right over your sense of security. Threatening statements and constant annoyances are problems that you don’t have to put up with.

Instead, you should get experienced debt collector abuse lawyers on board to deal with this constant annoyance in Fort Lauderdale.

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This article will cover how debt harassment usually plays out, your rights regarding the issue, and how our lawyers can help you in such situations.

What Does The Debt Collection Law Say About Debt Harassment?

Harassment or misbehavior of any kind and in any context is not okay. The debt collection law offers protection to the victims of debt harassment and you should never cave in to the demands of blackmailers and debt collectors before knowing the full extent of stuff and exploring your legal options.

The most important segment of the legal framework concerning the collection of debt is the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), which defines boundaries for collectors. There are certain well-defined limits on the behaviors of debt collectors and if you witness a breach of this discipline, you can proceed with legal action against them.

As a debt harassment victim, you also reserve the right to sue a misbehaving individual and seek fair compensation for your troubles that resulted due to the breach of acceptable debt collection practices. You should also ascertain whether you are responsible for paying up the debt or not because in most cases, surviving family members of a deceased person don’t have any debt obligations.

Thus if you were harassed, threatened, abused, and misled in this regard, you should seek legal counsel at once. Don’t take these matters lightly; you have very well-defined rights according to FDCPA in specific and the debt collection law in general and you should exercise them. Debt harassment lawyers can help you understand your position in the matter and guide you throughout your endeavors to seek fair financial compensation if you were wronged.

Beware Debt Collector Harassments & Scams, Fort Lauderdale

Even if you do have to pay off a debt (which is not usually the case with most debt harassment cases), any misconduct from the debt collector is a breach of your constitutional rights as a citizen of the USA. You don’t have to take any pressure or harassment from their end, instead, you should stand your ground and seek justice as soon as possible.

In most of the cases, these so-called debt “collectors” are nothing but a couple of cheats and scammers. They can dig up information on you, commit identity theft, and mislead you into thinking that you owe them money. As unrealistic as this may sound, it works! Yes, thousands of victims have, in the past, paid off these hooligans to avoid troubles even when they were not sure if they did owe them any money, not realizing the dirty debt collector tactics at play.

Of course, things are changing now.

Here are a couple of details you ought to keep in mind regarding the debt collection activities when dealing with such a situation:

1. Notice Any Instances of Harassment

If you’re constantly being annoyed by someone claiming to be a debt collector, getting attacked on social media platforms, being spoken to in a rude manner, or if the other party has shown unnecessary roughness, you’re being harassed.

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It is not okay and you should not have to stand unfair debt collection any further; debt or no debt, you should call expert lawyers immediately and set forth to resolve matters.

2. Do You Owe What Is Being Demanded?

If you’ve cleared your debt on time and don’t owe any sum to the collector, then they should leave you alone. The debt collector, no matter who they represent, cannot demand from you any bigger a sum than what you owed the other party.

So be sure that you are not being bothered about a sum that you don’t owe – which happens a lot.

You can't brush aside the possibility of identity theft of the original creditor as well so do a backup check and keep a close look at the activities by debt collection people because this way you'll be able to judge if you're being scammed.

3. Threats Should Never Be Ignored

Yes, that’s right. Even if you do owe them money, and even if you’re late with the debts, the collector can’t threaten you in any manner. No matter what it is that the collector threatened you about, it is illegal, period. Proceed with legal action immediately, if this happens.

4. Strike Back If You’re Getting Unwanted Phone Calls At The Workplace

If the debt collector is bugging you at your workplace, it is a form of harassment for debt collection and a legal violation and you should not delay pursuing the legal course of action.

We talked about some boundaries and options in this business and even discussed a couple in the previous headers, here's a bunch more:

  • The collector cannot contact any third party regarding your debt without your permission (it is only permissible in case the collector is trying to find the debtor).
  • The collector must send you a written notice detailing the amount owed.
  • The debtor retains the right to dispute the collector’s claim within 30 days of receiving the notice.
  • The debtor can also demand proof of the debt, and things cannot proceed any further until the collector complies with this request.
  • If a debtor sends a cease and desist letter to the collector in writing, the latter must never again contact the former.
  • The collector, when they call for the first time, must clearly introduce themselves to the debtor.

You should never handle abusive or rude collectors on your own. Instead, have your debt collection attorneys take charge of matters and deal with them as they see fit.

Lastly, any outstanding debt usually has a certain period of time associated with it, after which the lender will not be able to file a complaint.

Seeking Compensation For Debt Collector Abuse

Debt collectors may use abusive language that can shatter your peace of mind, even more so when you don’t owe them any money, to begin with. However, the state does offer you compensation of up to $1,000 for such unacceptable behavior, and if you were receiving robocalls, you can expect up to $1,500 for each one.

Other than this, you can also claim compensation for any mental pain that you had to endure due to their unfair practices and if that pain resulted in deterioration of your health (medical records will come in handy here).

Once you win your lawsuit, you can also charge the offender for your attorney fees, meaning that you won’t have to pay a cent from your pocket!

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Contact A Fort Lauderdale Debt Collector Abuse Lawyer At VG Law Today!

Debt harassment cases are not all the same, there are multiple factors to consider before taking legal action, i.e. how often did you receive unwanted calls on your mobile phones, and so on. Most people either delay pursuing such offenders due to not knowing enough about the matter or being intimidated.

You should never hold yourself back, if you were mistreated by a debt collector, seek legal help as soon as possible.

If you’re worried about paying the lawyers, then rest assured, there is nothing to worry about. At the VG law Firm, our team of expert attorneys offers their services with very flexible payment solutions. You don’t have to loosen up your wallet in advance, instead, you’ll only pay when you win the case. We handle Fort Lauderdale personal injury and car accident cases as well.

Sounds reassuring enough? Well, then delay matters no further, and give us a call today!

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