Dealing with the wrongful death of a loved one is easily one of the worst, most challenging experiences in life. Things may become especially challenging when the deceased person was the breadwinner of the family, leaving the survivors under mounting financial damages and severe emotional pain.

Not only are the family members of the deceased person deserving of fair compensation for their loss but they may need it desperately to survive.

Professional Orlando wrongful death lawyers know this fact only too well and will be eager to help you through these turbulent times and claim maximum compensation for such a tragic event.

Defining Wrongful Death In Orlando, Florida

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As defined by the state law of Florida, wrongful death is either a deliberate action that results in a fatality or it may be due to negligence. In either case, the person involved did not have to die on that occasion and may have lived on had their life not been cut short by this tragedy.

Of course, legal executions or being involved in police shootouts (unless staged) are not considered wrongful deaths. The demise should be legally wrongful and caused by certain actions of any party involved in the case.

Wrongful deaths often result due to:

  • Intense and high-impact automobile crashes (all types of accidents on the road)
  • Accidents on the job that resulted due to inadequate worker safety, i.e. construction accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Non-medical malpractice wrongful death cases
  • A reaction to defective product/medicineIntake of dangerous substance unknowingly (present in a falsely labeled product)
  • Neglect or abuse in nursing homes

Remember that wrongful deaths may have not one or two but multiple liable parties. Without knowing the full extent of the case, you should not move ahead with the settlements. Seeking counsel from legal professionals is one way of getting what you rightfully deserve.

Wrongful death attorneys know all too well how insurance companies mishandle facts and manipulate the victims to escape their responsibility and paying only a nominal sum in comparison to what the sufferers deserve in reality.

Parties Responsible For Wrongful Deaths (Orlando, Florida)

There can be no generalizations here, every case is different from the other. There may be no single liable party in certain situations (but many instead), while in others, finding out the responsible party may be a bit trickier than it needs to be.

The liable party will be the one that failed to act responsibly, resulting in the victim’s death. Even if the whole thing was unintentional, if it was avoidable and resulted due to negligence, then the said party will be held responsible for paying up for the losses.

Some possible scenarios here may be:

  • In case of traffic accidents that turned fatal, if the drivers were at fault then they will be held liable in wrongful death suits (through their auto insurance coverage). This scenario may also involve a couple of other responsible parties as well, for instance, if the driver was drunk, then the alcohol provider will also be held responsible. Similarly, if this happened with a company car, then the said company will also be a defendant. Unsafe road conditions may have further complicated matters in which case the governing body will be held responsible. Fatal accidents happen almost daily, and this is especially true for truck accidents which have resulted in many untimely deaths. All forms of auto accidents including motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, and even individual car accidents can turn fatal.
  • If the victim died due to a faulty or defective product, then the manufacturer will be held responsible. In the aforementioned scenario, let’s imagine that either vehicle in the crash was defective which resulted in an accident, in this case, the manufacturer who failed to address this issue beforehand will be liable for the damages. The same applies if a product that the victim bought turned out to be wrongly labeled (the ingredients may have been misrepresented) and that resulted in the wrongful death of the said person.
  • Doctors have an overworked schedule, there’s no denying this. However, medical professionals know this when they first sign up for their jobs. Thus they have no right to use this excuse for not offering adequate medical care to the patients. If the doctors failed to address the problems of a patient or treated them hastily (and unprofessionally), which resulted in the patient’s death, then the family members of the deceased person can file wrongful death claims either individually or together.
  • If the employer of the victim failed to provide an adequately safe working environment which resulted in death, then they will be held liable. If it was a supervisor who failed to act responsibly then both parties will be dragged into the case. Workplace accidents usually involve multiple negligent parties; legal services in this area include steps to uncover all liable entities.

It is impossible to assign the blame without knowing complete details of the case and the negligent actions involved which is only possible through a complete and thorough analysis of all facts at hand. Usually, the family members of wrongful death victims are in the dark as to how things happened, but wrongful death attorneys can help via in-depth private investigations.

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Who Can File A Wrongful Death Claim In Orlando, Florida?

So who can file a wrongful death claim in Florida? Family member is a very vague term in general but in wrongful death scenarios, it only refers to either the parents of the deceased person, their spouse, or their children. The term survivor is also used in this regard and it refers to these family members.

Though siblings are related by blood, they cannot file a wrongful death claim for a victim.

Investigating A Wrongful Death Claim In Orlando, Florida

Personal injury lawsuits are sometimes complicated due to lack of information or unavailability of sufficient evidence.

In most wrongful death cases, the survivors of the deceased person know next to nothing of the circumstances that led to the death of their loved one. Since the accident victims don’t get to tell their story, lawyers immediately kick-start a private investigation effort to root out the reality.

The matter is of utmost urgency because the other side will most likely have already started their investigation and you don’t want to lose the upper ground to them if you’re seeking a fair settlement sum for your loss.

Usually, these private investigators are retired officials either from the police (or other law enforcement agencies) or the military.

The investigation process generally includes but is not limited to:

  • Getting hands-on photographic/video evidence
  • Gathering statements from eyewitnesses
  • Getting in the loop of investigations already underway, i.e. by the law enforcement and other concerned agencies

The idea here is to fill in all the gaps and to construct a clearer picture describing what happened and how.

These investigation efforts will also include aggressive attempts at preserving evidence as soon as possible. This is done by sending out spoliation letters requesting people in possession of any evidence linked to the case, even if remotely, to not destroy or discard that evidence.

The evidence may be video footage, some photographs, details about negligence, and so on. Having such strong evidence on your side during settlement negotiations will help you solidify your narrative and you’ll be in a much better position to demand financial compensation for your losses.

Insurance companies use all sorts of tactics to minimize the payout – let’s not give them the chance!

Seeking Compensation From The At-Fault Parties In Orlando, Florida

By law, the responsible parties are required to compensate you for your losses due to a wrongful death in Central Florida. You can pursue your claim against them by first going to their insurance provider for settlement negotiations and then to a court of law with your wrongful death lawsuit if you were not able to reach a fair settlement.

Just keep in mind that having a lawyer by your side will make all the difference in both scenarios. You ought not to rush through things and instead sit back and think it out thoroughly. Only accept a settlement offer if it addresses all of your short-term and long-term financial burdens.

These wrongful death damages include all the medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of income, loss of companionship, mental pain, and similar sufferings.

Experienced personal injury attorneys will ascertain that you are compensated fairly and if the insurance adjuster does not cooperate, they will initiate their legal action to see justice done. In some cases, you may also be awarded punitive damages for negligence on part of the at-fault party.

Just be sure not to delay matters because things are on the clock with the wrongful death statute of limitations.

The VG Law Firm Orlando Wrongful Death Lawyers Are Ready To Help

We realize how traumatic and challenging it must be to deal with the death of a loved one due to the negligence of another party. Your financial stability and any prospects for future growth may seem to have vanished with the departure of your loved one but you can regain your economic grounds.

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Seeking fair compensation for such sufferings is not only possible but also very probable. If your case has some gaps in it, our professional personal injury lawyers at the VG Law Firm will be more than eager to fill them up for you and file your wrongful death claim in a court of law if the insurance provider refuses to cooperate.

You don’t have to worry about consultation fees or any upfront charges, our experienced attorneys believe in aiding our wrongful death clients without any extra financial pressures.

Just give us a call, and we'll handle everything!

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