Nothing is comparable with the disappointment and discontent of having your insurance claim rejected at the most crucial moments. Even the slightest reason may be enough for the company to delay processing your claim or refuse to pay up altogether. In either case, you will have to take charge of matters to salvage your peace of mind and see to it that you are compensated fairly by the insurance company.

Your journey to seek financial compensation does not end with a refusal. As an insurance carrier, you have legal rights and you can pursue them; leave no page unturned in your quest and thus ensure that your rights are not violated. If things don’t resolve with negotiations, you also reserve the right to file a civil lawsuit against the company to make it honor its commitment.

In any case, you should not delay contacting experienced insurance dispute attorneys in Fort Lauderdale to tackle the insurance company tactics and not give up your legal rights before the tussle has even begun – which would happen if you proceed on your own..

Let’s explore the matter further.

Reasons For Insurance Claim Denials

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The insurance company is legally bound to share its reason for turning down your insurance claim application, for all sorts of claims such as: life insurance claims, disability insurance, homeowners insurance, property insurance claims for structural damage, water damage/flood damage and other property damages, and other forms of insurance benefits..

You can expect a written statement from the insurance adjuster – be sure to read it completely because what you do next depends heavily on the causes of rejection..

If the company fails to inform you why they rejected a seemingly valid claim, then that would be a breach of your legal rights and you will be able to sue the company for it.

The most common causes for insurance claim rejection in Fort Lauderdale include:

1. Failing To Abide By The Rules

You may have, without meaning to, violated the company rules and breached the contract which may have led the company to reject your claim. These regulations vary with the types of insurance premiums and other details. For instance, it is a legal requirement for you to share every detail of your medical background and assorted information when applying for a life insurance policy.

Failing to do so can result in the rejection of your application. Of course, if you were not in breach of any such rule, you should point that out to the insurance provider. Just be sure not to ignore any rule of an insurance policy when you first sign up for it, this will save you from a world of hurt later on.

2. Non-Coverage In Your Area

Insurance claims denial are also possible if your selected type of insurance policy does not cover certain expenses/areas. Your policy may not, for instance, cover car accident expenses if it is discovered that you used your vehicle as an Uber without telling the company.

Similarly, if your behavior or carelessness somehow leads to an accident on the road, you can expect a rejection for your plea. Consider the scope of your policy and the rules before settling for one. Another possible scenario here is that of hit and run accidents in which case, your insurance company must pay you from the uninsured motorist policy which some people tend to skip when signing up.

Thus consider the types of coverage before anything else, because non-coverage is an issue that can’t be solved through legal muscle, but only by making the right decision in the beginning.

3. Insurance Claim Rejection Due To Bad Faith

Perhaps you did nothing wrong and the insurance company reps are simply acting strange in bad faith regarding your claims. If you failed to provide enough evidence to back up your words, the company may feel like the details are exaggerated.

The best approach towards contractor claim disputes is to get in touch with competent Fort Lauderdale insurance claims lawyers and straight to filling in the blanks and seeking your well-deserved payout..

What To Do When Your Insurance Claim Is Denied?

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So, your claim has been rejected. What now? Well, first things first, you’ll have to handle the mess you’re facing. Denied insurance claims in Fort Lauderdale are not uncommon. If you are in this situation, contact one of our insurance lawyers for a free consultation about your options..

Consider health insurance claims denial for a moment.

You will have to deal with the medical bills associated with your condition, but you shouldn’t go ahead and pay them. Wait on the bills, you may even have to put those long-term care related expenses on hold for a while. Instead, victims should draft demand letters at this stage, or have capable insurance attorneys write demand letters for them, and then send to the insurance company, seeking the reason behind their denial..

You should not be intimidated by the task at hand and don’t feel vulnerable either. You are well within your rights to demand an explanation and the insurance company is bound to offer one, otherwise, they will be in violation of the law. Once you get the answer, review the point, all the while scanning for any mistakes or inconsistencies in their answer.

Get help from our experienced legal team

Remember that all of this could be a silly mistake, after all, most insurance companies use automated computer systems for much of their work. The best thing you can do here is to get an expert insurance lawyer on the case and go through the details of your policy coverage, the specifics of your claim, and whether you can contest the company’s decision..

If they turned down your request for a bunch of stuff that can be changed, you should go through those changes. For instance, you may not have provided plentiful evidence originally or may have committed some other error on your part.

With those issues resolved, you can request a revision of your request.

The decision to hire a competent insurance denial lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can make a world of difference in your case..

If things don’t cool down with negotiations, you also have the option of taking matters to the court with a lawsuit, and this is where you will need the help of experienced insurance disputes lawyers the most if you wish to claim an insurance compensation for all types of damages, perhaps even including punitive damages (who knows), associated with your case.

The VG Law Firm Will Represent You On All Levels & See Justice Done

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Insurance claim denial is nothing new in Fort Lauderdale.. Sometimes, insurance companies commit an error on their end, other times, they may use technicalities, even minor ones, to refuse a payout. Whatever the case, you should not give up on your fair compensation because you have the legal rights to demand an explanation and challenge the details if you feel like you’re being foul play.

Several things may be flashing through your mind under such challenging times but don’t let the worries of hiring claim denial lawyers be one of them.. At the VG Law Firm, our team of expert insurance claim attorneys will demand no upfront fees or consultation charges to represent your case. You won’t have to pay a penny out of your pocket, and instead only compensate us for our services when you win your claim.

If this piqued your interest, give us a call to explore things further, and get started with your insurance settlement.

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