Maria K.
This Firm was extremely helpful handling my case. everything went smoothly and very professional. I express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding representation. Thank you all the team handlingmy case, particularly Michael Nemeroff. I would Highly recommend Their services.
Rankethia C.
This is a review and a HUGE THANK YOU!!! To my AMAZING team at VG Law Group! I am forever thankful and grateful for EVERYTHING you all done. To Emma & Sabrina THANK YOU for being there for me every step of the way from the beginning. Always answering and responding to my calls & texts promptly and helping in anyway possible!! To Crystal…MISS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! You are AWESOME !!! ALWAYS did EXACTLY what you said and always willing and ready to help me with any questions or concerns! & To ELAYNE !!!! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!! I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU FOR EVERYTHING💜 I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS. These people went over and beyond after my car accident from beginning to end to make sure. I was taken care of properly and in the end I ended up with a nice settlement that I am totally happy with & forever GRATEFUL for!! Trust me these are the people you want in your corner I don’t regret my decision at all for choosing them to represent me. Again THANK YOU ALL !!!
En nombre de mi familia, estamos agradecidos y encantados con la gran atención que nos han brindado en VG Law por parte de nuestra asesora la señorita ELAYNE . Tenemos diversos casos los cuales han sido trabajados por ellos hasta conseguirnos la mejor solución posible, simplemente os recomiendo, brindan seguridad profesionalismo y sobre todo claridad en todo. Estamos encantados y agradecidos con vuestra ayuda, por siempre estaremos agradecidos por ayudarnos a aclarar tantas cosas. Feliz y bendecida semana Dios les bendiga .
Sandra O.
Dear VG Law Group,I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the outstanding representation and legal counsel you provided throughout my case. Your dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to securing a favorable outcome have been instrumental in achieving the successful resolution of my legal matter.Your strategic approach, meticulous attention to detail, and comprehensive understanding of the law have not only led to a favorable judgment but also provided me with a sense of confidence and reassurance during what was undoubtedly a challenging and stressful period.I am truly appreciative of the exceptional level of professionalism, integrity, and advocacy you consistently demonstrated on my behalf. Your exemplary communication skills and ability to navigate complex legal proceedings have been nothing short of remarkable.Your guidance and support have made a significant difference in the outcome of my case, and I am immensely grateful for the time and effort you invested in representing my best interests.I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding legal representation and the positive impact you have had on my life. Your dedication to ensuring justice prevailed has made a lasting impression, and I will always be grateful for your exceptional legal expertise.Once again, thank you for your unwavering commitment and for delivering a successful outcome in my case. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need of exceptional legal representation.With sincere appreciation,Dr. Sandra ButlerDr. Sandra O.Butler
Iris G.
I had a great experience with all the staff members Omar Elayne & Emma We’re always Available to answer any of my questions and helpful. They even did me a big favor that they didn’t have to do. My case was closed and I received more than what I thought. Very capable and friendly staff I would always use them in any other event.
Mikey W
Elayne B was great. After a prolonged and unproductive delay dealing with others, I was happy to be connected with her. She got the job done quickly and efficiently. She is straight-to-the-point but friendly. VG Law Firm is fortunate to have her.
R. H.
Elayne from VG Law Group was great throughout my case. She was always my point of contact and was reachable by phone call, email and text. Always friendly!
Melissa C.
VG gets 5 stars from me!! Isabella is the best! She is very attentive and easy to talk to. Thank you Isabella for all your help.
eli P.
This firm was extremely helpful and patient with my case. They walked me though my options and everything went smoothly. Eleana & Omar were always attentive to my needs and concerns. I would highly recommend their services.
Ruben C.
VG Law group is the best! They helped settle my claim and received more than expected! They were very helpful in explaining to me the process and helping me to be patient lol, sometimes cases can take awhile but was well worth the wait!
Delanie L.
Amazing firm! They are always so nice and make sure to address any of my questions and concerns. Would recommend their services to everyone !
John S.
I am happy with their service.
Malik M.
I had a smooth and easy process with VG Law. Thank you to Emma who was always there and always ready to help. Thanks to her as well for the extra work she did while she was off or even after hours, answering my calls and helping me through the process.Would definitely recommend VG Law.
Kasey R.
VG Law Group is the BEST!!!! I am so glad I chose to work with them. They were ALWAYS on the ball. I never had to call for updates as they kept me up to date at all times. Kendall was a breath of fresh air!!! Hopefully I won’t need their services again in the future, but if I ever do….they will DEFINITELY get my case again!!! Thank you guys for all your hard work!!!
VG Law was great at dealing with my case. They kept me up to date and Kendall made sure to keep me in the loop at all times! I would highly recommend the VG team and Kendall to anyone.
Kendall R.
Amazing! The attorneys and staff here are super efficient and aggressive! They will get the job done! Don’t hesitate to hire their firm if you’re ever in an auto accident! You won’t be disappointed!
The C.
Fueron años muy tensos y gracias a la ayuda de este equipo todo salió bien Les deseo lo mejor y sigan brindando ayuda con su profesionalismo bendiciones
Hayo M.
Fast, Friendly, Efficient. The place to go
Linda P.
Muy buen servicio por parte de los abogados , mi caso me salió muy rápido y con una buena cantidad de dinero
Tyrell B.
I’m in the state of Sc an they handled my case with ease Emma was extremely helpful an Sabrina was great. I won!
Marco S.
Just wanted to say VG Law was great at dealing with my case. They kept me up to date and Emma made sure to keep me in the loop at all times! I would highly recommend the VG team and Emma to anyone.
This firm is amazing I recommend them to anyone that has been in an unfortunate accident. They made a rough time in my life easier and got me as much as possible to compensate for what I’ve been through after the accident. Thanks for all your help you all are amazing.
Simonne P.
If I could describe their services with 1 word it would be PERFECTION. Seriously! Perfect in all they do! I called them because of a job related accident that ended with me being in the hospital for 5 days and from day one my attorney from VG Law Group treated me with respect and empathy. He got the case settled in a timely manner and kept me up to date with everything via email and phone calls. If you want the best, call the best.
Alex M.
Sandra G
Attorney Omar and his assistant Eleana along withthe entire team at VG Law handle my case frombeginning to end professionally and always incommunication with me.They are knowledgeable, patience and helped me getthrough my bad experience. Very pleasedand grateful with the outcome of my case. Awesomefirm and would highly recommend.
Rebecca B.
Amazing duo! Sabrina and Omar did a fantastic job with my husband's accident. The waiting game for a settlement is never easy, but it was well worth it in the end. Thank you both!
Chris R.
Very Professional. Emma was very helpful with my case and super intelligent.
Joshua B.
Sabrina and Omar really took care of everything when it came to car accident. Would highly recommend them.
Dante S.
Very respectful and professional shoutout to Emma always takes care of you very kind and determined it don’t get better than Emma ❤️ I highly recommend VG LAW GROUP there the GOATS 🙏☝🏽
Bruce W.
Was helping my brother after he was hit by a car.Called VG Law Group right away. They worked hard on the case for a little over a year, but it was worth it.Want to thank Sabrina and all who assisted her with this case. It is really appreciated a lot.
Coralys T.
Sabrina and Omar are extremely professional and ensured everything was taken care of without any issues. It was a smooth process all the way through.
Marina S.
Philipp H.
I Marie M Pompee am very happy with the services that VG Law firm provided. They walk me through the whole process in a easy manner. When I didn't understand something Omar and Sabrina where very patient and helpful.Thank you so much
Lydia G.
It took a while, but Sabrina and Omar got my case wrapped up. It sure feels good to have it all over with.
This review is long overdue for Sabrina and her team. She was always a pleasure to speak to and was always transparent throughout every step in the process. Would recommend her to anyone looking for an accident attorney.
Sanjana G.
I highly recommend Sabrina and her team! She helped guide me through a difficult situation and provided me legal advice on what steps to take so that I can get my money back. She took to the time to reach out to other lawyers who had more experience with the issues I was dealing with and thanks to her I was able to get my money back and the dispute was resolved.
Laura B.
Lo mejor de lo mejor siempre a tantos en todo mi proceso mil gracias
Juan R.
We could not be more pleased with the service we received from Omar and his team. Excellent service and representation. At every step of the process, we felt in good hands with Omar based on his knowledge and experience. I would (and already have) recommended Omar’s services to several friends. Thank you!
Patricia R.
My experience with VG Law was very good and professional. Even through the pandemic that defiantly had its down falls. The entire time if I had a question or concerns it was quickly addressed. Very knowledgeable and make sure you understand every step of the process which I greatly appreciated! I HIGHLY recommend this law firm. regardless where you are located! I live no where near them and yet that made no difference.
Shirlys V.
Marcela G.
Jennifer G.
VG Law has always helped every friend that they have represented! High recommend.
VG law group was amazing! They handled my case with the utmost care and professionalism. Highly recommended!
Jwanita H.
They was professional and responds to all my concerns and questions. Whatever I needed to do or know Sabrina and her staff was always available. I would greatly recommend they service to my family and friends.Thanks for everythingJwanita Hill
Kennion P.
Great experience overall having the team of VG Law Group as my attorney. They are very understanding with their client, very insightful, and are experts in their field. They worked tirelessly to make sure that my case was processed perfectly. I am proud to be a VG Law Group client and will continue to retain them for all legal matters. Thanks again in advance to the team of VG Law, I truly appreciate it.
anna K.
Kind, professional Attorneys and Staff is what you will find at this Law firm in Fort Lauderdale Florida!
Guillermo L.
The are one of the best law group ever
Casie A.
VG LAW GROUP is one of the top attorneys if you ask me they are Really there for the clients in time of need... Geraldo was the best I even dealt with... I will never go now where else....
caren W.
If we could give more than 5 stars to Omar and his staff we would.We were disappointed our insurance company denied our claim twice and we felt lost and frustrated. Our roof had a leak that led to massive water damage in our home. We were referred to Omar and he quickly made us feel calm, confident and comfortable. He held our hand every step of the way and answered all questions we had during the process. Omar's determination and persistence resulted in settling our claim.
Arsalan H.
VG Law helped me and my family with our case! Very professional, and qualified group! We were updated throughout the entire case and were guided thru each step! Highly recommend!!
Sana M.
They rock!
Janet A.
Sabrina is a great professional would strongly recommend her office. Gisella is also a great professional attends customers with great customer service and professionalism.
crystal C.
Sabrína, Omar & their office staff are amazing! They helped me with my auto accident claim, I would highly recommend them to everyone!Super professional, responsive and on point.
EXCELLENT from Beginning to End. I started by looking for a competent lawyer to resolve my case, and I ended up with 2 very good friends (Omar & Sabrina) who always went beyond my expectations!!! EXCELLENT!!!
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