There's no doubt that Pompano Beach is one of the most beautiful places to catch a break in Florida. Just a few miles away from Miami, the Beach boasts world-class recreational centers and parks. Pompano Beach is every tourist's dream. However, like other cities in the US, it has its fair share of motor vehicle accidents.

Apart from auto accidents, Pompano Beach residents also get injuries from other types of accidents or defective products. Fortunately, under personal injury law, accident victims can get compensation for their personal injuries from the liable parties. 

Personal injury victims can get their financial settlements in an injury claim or lawsuit through an experienced accident attorney's help. Before then it's always wise to know what personal injuries entail and how your accident lawyers will help you. You'd learn all you need to know about personal injury law and compensations in this article.

What Are the Types of Personal Injury Claims in Pompano Beach? 

pompano beach personal injury lawyer

There are many ways in which Pompano Beach residents can sustain an accident injury. Those accidental injuries usually result in these types of personal injury claims: 

  • Car and Bus Accidents Claims 

Automobile accidents are one of the most common types of accidents in Pompano Beach. According to Injury Facts, 39,107 people died in motor-vehicle crashes in 2019. For car accident victims in non-fatal crashes, the injuries they sustain range from mild to severe. They include broken bones and catastrophic injuries that cause spinal cord damage to the injured parties. Victims of pedestrian accidents can also claim compensation for their injuries.

When injured parties in an accident die due to injury complications, their families can file wrongful death claims in Florida. Wrongful death lawsuits, in other words, are personal injury lawsuits where a victim dies. 

Bicycle accidents may not be as common as automobile crashes. However, they can cause severe injuries for their victims too. In fact, 846 bicyclists died in traffic accidents in 2019. That's especially when the bicycle collides with a car or truck.

  • Motorcycle Accidents Claims 

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable to road hazards and weather conditions than cars and buses. They're also less visible to larger vehicles like trucks. As such, they are likely to fall victim to accidents caused by negligent drivers.

Boat rides are fun. However, many things could go wrong on a boat cruise. If you had a severe injury from a boating accident, you can file a personal injury claim.

  • Slips and Falls or Premises Liability Claims 

Did you slip and fall in a private property, grocery store, or parking lot? If yes, you may file a claim for compensation for your injuries against the property owners under premises liability. However, workplace accidents, though a type of personal injury claims are handled differently under Florida's worker's compensation system.

In medical practice, medical professionals can be liable for patients' injuries if they were negligent in treating them. As such you can file a claim against them for medical malpractice under certain circumstances.

Manufacturers of defective products may be liable for injuries that their commodities caused.

How To Prove a Personal Injury Case in Florida 

As the claimant in a negligence lawsuit or claim, the burden of proof lies on you. You have to prove that the negligent party's wrongful action caused your injuries. To do that, you must provide convincing arguments to show the following: 

  • That the at-fault party owed you a duty of care 
  • The negligent party violated such duty of care through a wrongful action
  • The responsible party's wrongful act caused the injury
  • That the injury led to actual damages 

Will I Get Ample Financial Compensation for Personal Injuries?

When it comes to auto accidents, Florida is a no-fault state. This means that ordinarily, accident victims will pay for their accident injuries through their insurance policy regardless of fault. However, at-fault drivers will be liable for compensation where the victims: 

pompano beach personal injury lawyer
  • Suffer a permanent loss of body function 
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement 
  • Death 

In such auto accident cases and some other personal injury claims, the victims may claim the following types of damages: 

  • Economic Damages: Also called actual damages, this is a compensatory award for medical expenses, lost wages, burial expenses, etc.
  • Non-Economic Damages: This includes compensation for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, mental anguish, etc.
  • Punitive Damages: These are damages that serve to punish the defendant and deter others from gross negligence.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney? 

Anyone who suffers severe injuries from an accident knows how painful they can be. Sometimes, injury victims suffer permanent scarring or disabilities. Usually, to beat the time limit, these victims have to pursue their claims while also recuperating from their injuries.

Not only can that slow the recovery process, but it will also mean that the injury claim wouldn't get the attention they deserve. You can avoid that by having a personal injury lawyer represent you. Hiring a competent accident attorney for your claims offers you the following advantages: 

  • Settlement Negotiations With the Liable Insurance Company 

It's a well-known fact that insurance companies can be difficult to deal with. Most times, they like to come up with flimsy reasons for denying liability. Other times, their proposed settlement sum is too low. 

A personal injury attorney knows how to handle such situations. Since they're skilled negotiators, they'd ensure that they arrive at a fair compensation while in talks with insurance adjusters.

  • Case Evaluation 

Accident victims need some kind of reassurance that they are pursuing a viable claim. To be sure, they can approach their lawyers for a case review. In a case review, the attorneys will evaluate the success chances of your case. They'd also let you in on the loopholes if any.

  • Accident Investigations

After an accident, it's wise to gather as much evidence as you can obtain at the accident scene. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the case, you may have neglected to do so. After reviewing your case, your attorneys will note the kind of evidence you need for a successful claim. They'd help you get them and also carry out investigations to build your case.

  • Experience and Legal Compliance 

You can not underestimate the added advantage your law firms' collective experience in accident law brings to your claim. With their experience, they understand how to deal with any complexity that arises. Since they're also conversant with the applicable laws, they'd ensure that you don't run foul of any.

  • Legal Representation in Court

Sometimes, your personal injury claims may become a lawsuit. In such cases, your lawyers will prepare you on how to conduct yourself in the courtroom. They'd also offer you quality legal representation in court. Lawsuits require lots of documentation, legal processes, and paperwork. Your lawyers will diligently prepare 

  • Legal Advisory
pompano beach personal injury lawyer

As an injury victim, you mean well for yourself. However, it's very easy to make uninformed decisions at the height of emotions. Personal injury claims are quite sensitive and any mistake could spell doom for your case. 

When you hire a personal injury attorney, it becomes their duty to ensure you don't make any mistakes. They'd coach you on what to do or say every step of the way.

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