About 97.9 million people need to visit an ER due to accidental injuries every year. Nearly 25 million need to see a physician instead. If you were recently in an accident, call a personal injury lawyer right away.

The best lawyer will help you fight for compensation. Then, you won't have to cover medical bills and other expenses out of pocket.

Not sure how to hire a lawyer with your needs in mind? Read on for the tips you need for a successful search today!

Gather Referrals

Start building a list of Orlando personal injury attorneys to research further. You can begin your search by gathering referrals from friends, family members, or other lawyers. Otherwise, check:

  • The Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registry
  • The Best Lawyers in America list
  • Superlawyers

As you speak with friends and family members, ask about their experience working with the attorney. Consider the outcome of their case, too. 

Make sure every attorney on your list is licensed to practice in the state of Florida. Otherwise, determine if they have additional qualifications or professional memberships that speak to their expertise. 

Look for Specialized Experience

There are now over 146,100 personal injury lawyers and attorneys across the US. Some have worked in the industry longer than others, though. In your search for the best lawyer in Orlando, prioritize finding an experienced attorney.

Someone with years of personal injury case experience will have an easier time handling your lawsuit.

Determine how long the attorney has worked in Orlando, too. Some procedures vary based on where the case is handled. A local attorney might have professional connections they can leverage when building your case as well.

For example, they might know the other lawyer involved with your case, which might make reaching a settlement easier. Your attorney might also call on a medical expert or investigator to strengthen your case.

Determine how long the Orlando personal injury lawyer has specialized in personal injury cases, too. Then, consider how many cases like yours they've handled over the years. For example, if you were in a car accident, look for an attorney who specializes in auto accident cases.

Their specialized experience with similar cases could further benefit your lawsuit. 

Check Their Success Rate

Consider how many cases each attorney has handled, as well as how many cases they've won over the years. Determine how many of those cases went to court or were settled out of court, too.

Find an experienced attorney with a strong success rate. Consider how much they were able to win for their clients as well.

Their success rate could speak to their ability to win your lawsuit. 

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation appointment with two or three personal injury lawyers. Discuss the details of your case. Then, ask the attorney what strategy they would recommend.

Ask what outcome they would expect, too.

Pay attention to how the lawyer speaks. Choose someone who is confident and able to fight at your side.

Hire Right: Find the Best Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Don't make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced personal injury attorney. Instead, hire the best personal injury lawyer in Orlando. With these tips, you can feel confident in your choice. 

The best lawyer will fight at your side every step of the way. 

Need to discuss your case with a professional? We're here for you.

Request a free case review today.

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