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It is unfortunate, but several car accidents in Fort Lauderdale can be blamed on tired drivers. And the rest of the country is not much different. The NHTSA believes that up to 10% of fatal car accidents can have something to do with drowsy driving. According to statistics from the CDC, around 4% of drivers get behind the wheel while sleepy at least once a month. These are scary numbers when taking into account how fatigue can compromise a driver's ability. For example:  

  • The driver cannot pay attention or focus 
  • It decreases a driver's reaction time 
  • Fatigue prevents drivers from making life-saving decisions 

When a driver loses consciousness behind the wheel of a moving car, anything and everyone becomes a possible target.

Individuals that suffer injuries as a result of tired drivers usually seek advice from a car accident lawyer. According to Florida law, these individuals are entitled to compensation. But this is not a quick process, and there are challenges involved. For starters, proving that the driver was indeed falling asleep behind the wheel is easier said than done. 

Hence the reason why an experienced Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney makes it a point to investigate as deeply as possible. From checking the driver's medical history for sleep disorders to tracing blood samples for possible drug or alcohol use, every available channel is explored when building a case. What about the hours the driver has to work? Does he or she get enough sleep? Every area is covered during the investigation. 

Consult a Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Attorney After a Drowsy Driving Accident


When a driver loses consciousness for just a few seconds, the consequences can be nothing short of devastating. And even if everyone makes it out alive, there is no telling how damaging their injuries might be. Now, these injuries are not just going to disappear magically. Instead, there is a recovery period, which costs time, money, and effort. In some cases, the injury can be permanent. 

a car accident due to drowsy driving attorneys in florida

By working with the right Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney, victims increase the odds of being compensated. But the service does not stop there. Because an attorney takes charge of the formalities on behalf of the victim while expediting procedures and negotiating the best settlement. 

But keep in mind that every case is different on certain levels, and the compensation can cover: 

  • Car repairs or possible replacement if necessary 
  • Medical bills, treatment, and care
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • A loss of income 
  • Disability adjustments 
  • Issues related to physical or emotional distress/torment 
  • A decrease in quality of life 

There is no question that lives are changed after surviving a traumatic drowsy driving accident. And there is no getting around the fact that recovering will cost a lot of money. With a combination of pain, suffering, and financial distress, everyone close to the victim is going to feel the impact. Although, there is something accident victims can do in moments like these. They can consult with a Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorney and receive the compensation they deserve. 

Take a moment to think about sustaining serious injuries after being struck by a drowsy driver. All the time in the hospital and away from home will be painful, challenging, stressful, and financially draining. In many cases, the accident has left victims with permanent issues, such as developing a fear of driving. Some victims even testify to suffering from tense nightmares after the accident. 

As for the drowsy drivers that avoided getting sleep, their lives are going to change dramatically as well. Not only can the driver lose his or her license, but it can lead to more significant losses, like getting fired from their job. Criminal charges are a possibility too, which can turn into prison time. 

Get a Fort Lauderdale Auto Accident Attorney on Your Side 

Hiring a good car accident lawyer is not going to heal injuries or reduce mental trauma. But they can make things a lot easier in terms of money and time. A good attorney will use initiative, investigate the situation, handle the paperwork, and navigate the legal system for their clients. So, if you suffered an injury due to a drowsy driver, now is the time to talk to an attorney. 

We have a solid reputation at VG Law Group for providing high-quality representation. And we specialize in proving liability on our mission for fair compensation. Let our knowledge and experience help you. Call 1-833-HELP-365 to schedule a free case review.

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