After a crash, an Orlando accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries and expenses. Learn more below.

Most drivers have experienced a crash at some point, whether it's as small as accidentally backing into a mailbox or something more severe like a head-on traffic collision. And of course, there are many times that people who are driving might not be paying close attention, or they might not have any control over their vehicle being struck. Causes of car wrecks range from faulty brakes to distracted drivers, drowsy driving, and drunk driving.

No matter your situation, you'll want the right person on your side. Many things factor into why an Orlando accident lawyer is important to have on your side when you've been in a car wreck.

An attorney can help ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and other damages sustained during an accident caused by another party. They can also get you compensation for pain and suffering and cover any lost wages, money spent on medical attention, or other damages incurred by a car wreck.

Types of Car Wrecks That an Orlando Accident Lawyer Can Help With

Having a car wreck can be a confusing and frustrating experience and impact your life permanently. Many people don't know where to turn or who to call when dealing with these situations. If you need an Orlando accident lawyer after you have been in a car wreck, it is important that you know what type of accident it was to get the right help for your situation.

There is a wide range of car wrecks, each involving specific circumstances. Knowing this information can make the process much easier because you will know which laws to look up and how much time is necessary before taking any legal action. Here are some examples of some common types of motor vehicle accidents:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end crashes
  • Rollovers
  • T-bone accidents

How Much Does an Orlando Accident Lawyer Cost?

This question is difficult to answer, as the cost of an accident lawyer varies greatly depending on the type of case, how much work it requires, how many hours are required and how experienced they are. Generally speaking, the rates for an Orlando accident lawyer tend to be charged as a percentage of what you will receive. It is typically 33.3% of your settlement for fair payment. Most lawyers will take their fee out of the settlement after a successful negotiation, so you aren't stuck paying out-of-pocket. However, different lawyers may charge different rates, depending on the circumstances. Make sure to ask about payment during your initial consultation with an Orlando accident lawyer.

How Long After an Accident Can You File a Claim?

In Orlando, you can file a personal injury lawsuit or claim for compensation immediately or four years after an accident. Florida's statute of limitations regulates this time limit. If the injury happened as the result of a vehicle crash and the accident caused fatal injuries, the statute begins to run from the date of death.

It should be noted that these rules apply only to auto accidents, not any type of personal injury, such as work-related injuries, where the process may differ.

To avoid waiving your rights and placing yourself at risk for significant damages, you should consult an Orlando accident lawyer as soon as possible after a wreck. Many other injuries, including medical issues and some issues with personal property, may be addressed in an injury suit, so it is important not to wait too long to get legal help for everything, including insurance claims.

What To Consider When Hiring an Orlando Accident Lawyer

Hiring an accident lawyer or a law firm is not a decision to take lightly. It can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you are in a car accident. With so many things to consider, it can help to consult with others who have gone through the legal process before and had a positive experience.

Here are some of the most important considerations for hiring an Orlando accident lawyer after your car accident:


Every accident case is different, but with that said, experience plays a major role in who you choose to represent you. Experienced accident attorneys have dealt with so many cases that they can predict how things will turn out for you when they see something in the investigation stage that looks familiar.

An experienced Orlando accident lawyer can look at your accident report and police reports and compare them to others of its kind and know exactly what the opposing party will argue next. This knowledge and experience give them the edge over their opponents at trial because they are better prepared, including insurance companies. You want someone on your side who knows all the tricks and has fought other battles before.

Referrals and Reviews

A good attorney should be able to provide expert legal advice and help you secure the best possible outcome. You can find the lawyer who's right for you through word of mouth, by getting personal referrals from people you trust, or by reading reviews.

When choosing which attorney to work with, think about what level of expertise will best suit your needs. Ask the lawyer to go over their qualifications with you in detail to ensure they're someone you can rely on. You deserve someone who will care and work hard on your behalf to get you a favorable outcome, so you don't have to worry about anything other than getting better.


Though there are many factors to consider when hiring an Orlando accident lawyer, you should ensure they are near your home. If you live far from the city and have to spend time traveling back and forth to attend court appearances, it may be more difficult for the lawyer to help you receive full services from them since most time is spent on the road.

In addition, hiring someone local can help them become familiar with your case as soon as possible to help prevent any mistakes or delays in getting back to you with good news. Before considering auto accident lawyers outside of what's close to where you live, ask them if they are willing to come onsite to your home or hospital room to visit you without charging extra for their travel time.

Duties of an Orlando Accident Lawyer

A skilled and experienced personal injury attorney can be instrumental in securing appropriate compensation for any resulting losses due to your injury. Compensation for medical bills lost wages, pain, suffering, mental anguish, punitive damages, etc., are all important benefits that may be obtained through the help of an experienced attorney.

This is not always easy to obtain on your own, and a seasoned personal injury attorney or firm will be able to provide critical legal advice during this difficult time for you and your family. Some duties of an Orlando accident lawyer include but are not limited to:

  • Determine how to get the responsible party's insurance company to pay you for medical attention, lost wages, and car repair expenses.
  • Help you and your family deal with the accident's emotional trauma.
  • File claims on your behalf with insurance companies.
  • Gather all necessary documentation to make it easy for you to show what happened.
  • Negotiate for additional damages based on mitigating factors that might not be immediately apparent.

Receiving Compensation After a Car Wreck in Orlando

Typically, there are two ways to recover compensation after car wrecks in Orlando: settlement or litigation. A settlement is voluntary, and it is mostly financial compensation. If you choose this option, you will contact the at-fault driver's insurance company to resolve your damages without going to court. This is usually less expensive than suing and, in some cases, can be more beneficial for the injured party.

On the other hand, litigation means you go to court and take legal action. Sometimes it might be better not to settle, like if the other driver doesn't have insurance or if extenuating circumstances caused the wreck that wasn't shared with your insurance company. This could mean that it would cost more for your lawyer than you would get from a settlement as a recovery.

There are also times when there's so much at stake, such as severe injuries or death. These damages may not be able to be recovered by settling. In these cases, it's important to hire an Orlando accident lawyer that can represent you in court and get you maximum compensation for your damages.

Types of Damages You Can Claim in Orlando After an Accident

In Orlando, you can claim three types of damages after an accident: economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.


Economic damages are the total cost of all your losses caused by common car accident injuries. These can include lost wages, property damage, and medical care bills. A common scenario most people would experience is loss of earnings because they are out of work or homebound. If you were in an automobile accident, you might need to pay for medical bills, lost wages if your income drops, and time off from work during the time it takes to recover from your injuries caused by common car accident injuries.


The compensation for the emotional distress and pain you experience after an accident is called non-economic damages. Some states have caps on the maximum amount of non-economic damages recoverable, but not Florida. The judge decides how much non-economic damages to award, but typically they will decide based on:

  • Your age
  • Your health from expert testimony, i.e., medical providers
  • The injury threshold, i.e., catastrophic injuries
  • Your economic condition before the accident (i.e., future earning capacity)
  • The nature and seriousness of what happened


Punitive damages can be levied against someone who is found to have willfully injured someone else. In other words, they know the conduct they are engaging in could cause harm, and they continue with it anyway. For example, driving under the influence of alcohol, road rage, and distracted driving.

Punitive damages are often considered when the case involves a personal injury caused by a negligent or malicious driver. Punitive damages can be awarded alongside compensatory damages (money awarded for monetary losses) as part of a personal injury claim settlement.

The number of punitive damages awarded varies based on the facts of each case, but more often than not, this type of award will be significantly higher than compensatory damages.

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