Hail damage is a significant issue in Port St. Lucie. It can damage your roof and building structure. Learn how a hail damage attorney in Port St. Lucie may be able to help.

Severe weather conditions such as hailstorms leave building owners with roof damage. Personal property losses are, unfortunately, unavoidable. Furthermore, strong storms and 60 MPH winds are dangerous during hailstorms. Therefore, anyone outside may sustain severe injuries and sometimes even death.

Hail damage is expensive for business owners as well. This is also the case for residential and commercial property owners. For example, State Farm, an insurance company, paid about $3.1 billion for hail damage in 2020

However, after a hailstorm, you may think you only need hail damage roofing experts. While you need an experienced disaster roofing contractor, a hail damage attorney in Port St. Lucie may also be helpful. Experienced attorneys can determine whether the damage your home sustained is covered under your homeowner's insurance policies.

Determining the Severity of Roof Damage

Several factors determine the extent of damage to tile roofing. Some of them include:

  • Age of roofing materials
  • Roof shape
  • The quality of the original roof installation. For example, did an expert roofing contractor handle the job?

Fixing Your Roof After a Hail Storm 

Notably, a roof with damage from hail will undergo several phases of restoration. You may even need to change the entire roof. However, before that, you’ll require emergency response services. 

These emergency response crews ensure that no one is hurt from the mishap. Fire and smoke damage is possible after a hailstorm. So, victims may sustain significant injuries. In addition, emergency roof repair may be necessary before re-entering the house.

So, owners of commercial and residential properties with hail damage often cover their roofs with a durable shrink-wrapped plastic membrane. This equipment stays in place until a roofing contractor can make permanent repairs. 

However, suppose you don’t think severe storms destroyed your roof. A property damage assessment is still crucial if your home falls within the hail damage map. 

Filing a Hail Damage Insurance Claim 

After hail storms cause damage to roofs, homeowners can file a hail damage insurance claim. Suppose you have an insurance policy. Then, your insurance company will cover the damage to roofing materials. Additional coverage may also cater to property loss within the house.

However, an insurance company may deny valid claims. Such insurers usually work with an experienced claims adjuster and expensive attorney. Therefore, you may lose the benefits under your insurance policy. You need a legal team to ensure you get a fair settlement. 

Steps to Take to Get Compensation

The vital steps below can get you fair compensation for hail or wind damage. 

  • Document the damage with pictures and videos. Photographic evidence is essential for determining hail sizes.
  • Get repair quotes from hail damage roofing experts. These estimates show how much you need from your homeowner's property damage claim. 
  • Now, you can file the necessary paperwork for your claims with your insurance company. Again, respecting insurance company deadlines is crucial here. 

After filing a claim, the insurance company usually calls in an adjuster. These officials seek to determine the cause and extent of your loss. However, they work for the insurer and not you. So, they wouldn’t have your best interests at heart. 

Instead, they’ll be protecting the insurance company. That’s why we cannot overemphasize the importance of a homeowner's property damage lawyer. It’s thus best to go to the negotiation table with your hail damage attorney.

Possible Reasons for a Hail Claim Denial

Insurance companies aren’t always acting in bad faith when they deny claims. Instead, there could be valid reasons for such denial, including that:

  • You filed your insurance claim late
  • You didn’t pay your insurance premiums faithfully
  • The hail damage isn’t covered under your insurance policy
  • The damage isn’t severe enough to entitle you to compensation
  • Hail damage didn’t exceed the insurance deductible
  • You don’t have substantial evidence for a homeowners insurance claim

Fortunately, you can always appeal an insurance denial. Insurers don’t get the final say on this. In addition, should they insist on not paying you, you can file a lawsuit with the help of an experienced trial lawyer.

Benefits of a Hail Damage Attorney in Port St. Lucie

Lawyers are on the list of hail loss claims experts you should call following a mishap. Attorneys are vital for protecting your rights during the claims process. In addition, they can support you during this difficult time. 

Firstly, a lawyer can determine whether the insurance policy covers your loss. To achieve this, they’ll have to read the details of the contract. They’ll know exactly what you deserve at the end of this process.

Consequently, you may receive much more money than you might have realized on your own. Furthermore, you wouldn’t deal with the overwhelming negotiations with your insurer. Hiring a hail damage attorney in Port St. Lucie will ensure your insurance company covers the damage they are supposed to, according to your homeowner's insurance policy.

Get a Hail Damage Attorney That Knows Homeowners Insurance Laws

Hailstorms cause different types of damage. Indeed, you may not know what to do after one. However, an excellent Port St. Lucie hail damage attorney can help you. It’s best to work with local attorneys during hail damage claims. They understand the region and its laws. So, call us at VG Law Group or fill out our Contact Form for more information on our services.

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