motorcycle accident records

Even though only around 2% of Florida's traffic accidents involve a motorcycle, these vehicles are involved in a disproportionate number of serious and even fatal crashes.

Because even a minor accident can cause severe injuries to a motorcycle driver, it's important to get the compensation you need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

That's why it's so important to bring the right motorcycle accident records to your lawyer. These crucial documents can help an expert prove your case. Let's take a look at eight records you should gather.

1. Photo and Video Evidence

Some of the best things you can bring to your lawyer are photos and videos of the scene. This crucial evidence can often become the objective proof you need to get compensation.

2. Witness Information

If anyone saw the accident unfold, it's important to get their contact information. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can use statements from witnesses to support your argument. 

3. The Police Report

You should always contact the police for an official report, even after a minor incident. Be sure to ask how to get your hands on the report, as it differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Here in Fort Lauderdale, you'll need to contact the Records Unit of the FLPD.

4. Any Tickets or Citations

Did an officer give you a ticket? If you got a citation for texting, speeding, drunk driving, or another offense, bring it to your lawyer. If you know that the other party got a citation, be sure to let your lawyer know.

5. Insurance Information

In the state of Florida, the laws around motorcycle insurance are complicated. You technically don't have to have motorcycle insurance, but you do need to show proof of financial responsibility after an accident. Having a liability insurance policy can help with this, so be sure to bring the document to your lawyer.

6. Your Written Description

Our memory can fail us after a traumatic event like an accident. That's why it's a good idea to write a description of what happened soon after the collision. Bring any recollections and notes to your lawyer.

7. Your Repair Estimates

If your bike got damaged, you'll need to show how much the repairs would cost you. Get estimates for the cost from a professional mechanic. You can also bring other associated receipts, such as documentation to prove the cost of a tow.

8. Your Medical Records

It's always a good idea to see a doctor after any crash, as injuries don't always show up right away. Make sure to document any treatments for your motorcycle accident injury. You should bring these documents, as well as details about the dates and your doctor's contact info, to your lawyer. 

9. Proof of Lost Income

If missed work is causing you to earn less, it's important to bring past pay stubs and tax documents to show your earnings before the accident. You should also bring records of the number of hours you missed.

Bring These Motorcycle Accident Records to Us

An expert lawyer can be an invaluable resource when you're filing a claim or fighting in court. However, their help is only as good as the ammunition you offer, which is why it's so important to gather and bring the right motorcycle accident records.

Here at VG Law Group, our firm will always give our best effort with the resources you provide. If you're struggling to understand what documents will help you in court, we can help you identify and gather the right documents. Get a free case review today and bring whatever information you can when you see us.

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