In 2020, there were 1,008 fatal construction worker injuries. While that number may not seem huge, it is 1,008 more people that died who shouldn't have.

But, that's the reality of construction work. It can be dangerous.

That's why having a construction accident lawyer at your fingertips to call in case of a construction site accident is crucial. The benefits of having one are endless. Read on to learn why hiring a lawyer is the right way to go.

1. Hold All Parties Accountable

If you have a construction accident, it is usually not just one party's fault. When you hire an attorney, they will hold all construction workers, sub-contractors, government personnel, and any others on site responsible and accountable for the accident that may have occurred.

The construction accident attorney can follow the chain of events that led up to the accident to determine the responsible parties. They will then follow up to ensure that everyone who is responsible is held accountable.

2. Negotiate With Insurance Companies

It is not always easy to work with insurance companies, especially when you have a job that is notoriously dangerous - like a construction worker job.

However, you want to ensure that you are fully insured in case of a construction accident. If you hire a lawyer, they are able to negotiate with insurance companies to give you the best offer.

3. Help to Resolve Claims

The last thing you want to deal with after an accident is slow claims processing. To avoid that, you definitely want to hire a construction accident lawyer as soon as the accident happens.

They can help gather evidence and paperwork that will be needed for the claim such as medical records, witness statements, and more.

Additionally, lawyers tend to get more timely updates than clients do, which can make the claims process easier and quicker.

4. Understand the State's Statute of Limitations

The ins and outs of the laws regarding accidents and construction sites can be quite confusing. It gets even more confusing when you bring in the different laws across states.

Luckily, when you hire a lawyer, they already know all of this information. That means there is less stress on you to figure it all out. This is especially true because if you miss the state's statute of limitations, you can be harming yourself in the process.

Because of the fine print and details that going through filing claims, insurance, and accidents at the workplace can cause, it is easier to hire a lawyer to figure it out for you.

Hire a Construction Accident Lawyer Today

If you are in a construction accident, it is best to hire a construction accident lawyer as soon as possible.

There are many benefits, including their knowledge of the field and how they can speed up the process for you.

If you are in this situation, be sure to contact us at VG Law Group. We're here to help you fight for what you need.

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