The chances of winning a water damage claim are higher when you work with a water damage claims lawyer in Pompano Beach. Learn about their role in this article. 

From May through November, people need to keep abreast of the potential for rain. People in Pompano Beach know what it is like to get hit by severe hurricanes and suffer damage to their homes and commercial buildings. 

However, with the addition of severe rainstorms that occur during the summer months, there are increased serious threats to homes. Falling trees and flying objects due to strong winds can dent and batter a home, causing damage and water leakage if left unchecked.

Most homeowners insurance policies in Florida cover water and property damage claims to restore all your lost properties to their original condition. However, insurance companies are notorious for underpaying or denying these damage claims. 

Sometimes, the claim may not be covered, especially if it is not mentioned in the water damage policy. Our firm can help with Pompano Beach water damage claims if you are having trouble. Call our highly experienced property damage attorneys at VG Law today to help you get the full coverage included in your insurance policy.

What Can Cause Water Damage?

Most water damage claims result from storms. However, structural deficiency can cause damage. Indeed, a lot of work goes into the construction of any building. But no matter how well a house was built, it is still susceptible to water damage. 

If left unchecked, it can cause severe problems for house owners. Aside from causing property losses, water can also cause mold growth, decay, and other water-related problems. 

Common causes of water damage include the following:

  • Construction mistakes such as the wrong installation of windows
  • Structure design
  • Use of wet building materials
  • Failing to replace worn-out building components such as door frames or rotted window
  • Unchecked roof leaks
  • Groundwater seeping into the building structure
  • Cracks in the bathtubs
  • Unchecked pipe bursts
  • Faulty plumbing
  • Unchecked foundation cracks

Water always has a way of finding the lowest point where it can sit, making the damage hard to notice immediately. Therefore, if you suspect any water damage, you should quickly act and get professional help to stop the water from damaging your properties. 

Due to the nature of water, it is also recommended to work with an insurance claim law firm to be able to file compensation for damages in case of property losses. 

What Should You Do After Water Damage Caused By a Storm?

It is crucial to document water damage to your property, especially when it is from a storm. Proper documentation will help you recover the monetary value of personal property lost. Here are some steps to take before and after a storm hits South Florida.

Steps to Take Before the Storm Happens

Before severe weather hits and damages your property, you have to prepare in advance. So how do you do this? 

First, you must adequately document each personal property's purchase date and price. Our experienced Pompano Beach water damage claims lawyer can help you with the process.

Keep Receipts for Any Home Upgrades You've Made Before the Storm

One way insurance adjusters try to get around paying your insurance claim is to underpay the supposed amount. Did your insurance policy include that you are to be compensated for the total replacement cost? 

If your answer to this is yes, you need to keep receipts for any furniture, appliances, or flooring you have purchased since you moved into your home. Having these receipts documented can help you get full coverage for damage.

Take Pictures of Everything Covered By Your Insurance Policy, Such as the Roof, Windows, or Any Outside Additions

It is important that you take pictures of your roof, windows, or any other outside additions, such as the pool, before the storm. If you have these as evidence, the insurance companies can't discredit your claim that the storm damaged the property. In addition, having pictures of your home before the storm hits will bind insurance adjusters to give you full insurance coverage.

Steps to Take After the Storm

Aside from documentation before the storm, there are also several steps to take after the storm. These vital steps will help you document the cost of damages and will also help you prove that you are eligible for financial compensation. 

Our experienced water damage claims lawyer in Pompano Beach recommends the following:

Save What You Can

If your home is safe to enter, you should try to protect any undamaged properties. Likewise, you should save any property that is at risk of being damaged if left in the same position.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of all the damages to your home and any property. Start from the outside and work your way inside, and take videos if they will capture the damage better. The visuals serve as proof and show the extent of the damage. Attach the images when filing your insurance claim or a civil lawsuit.

Evaluate Your Insurance Coverage

When seeking a fair settlement after a major storm with extensive damage, it is important to understand the terms of your coverage. While evaluating your insurance policy, pay attention to the declaration page. 

The declaration page provides a summary, such as a flood insurance policy, and it is a perfect place to begin. However, if you are unclear on your rights or policies, our water damage claims lawyer can tell you all you need to know.

File an Insurance Claim Quickly

Once you have evidence and have examined the insurance coverage, the next step is to file an insurance claim for damages. Lots of business owners and individual owners will be filing a property insurance claim, so get in line. 

Filing early prevents your insurance company from claiming that you took too long to file. If you are uncomfortable filing claims independently, our skilled attorneys can assist you.

Note that you can also take the above steps for water damage caused by structural deficiency.

What Is the Role of a Water Damage Claims Lawyer? 

Insurance companies often act in bad faith to avoid paying claims and maximize profit. Water damage lawyers know all the tricks they use to achieve this and will ensure you don't fall for it. Also, a Pompano Beach water damage claims lawyer will protect your rights, verify the insurance policy's contents, and ensure you get maximum benefits after deductibles.  

Getting an affordable property damage lawyer to help with water damage insurance claims or flood damage insurance can be a challenge. So, when you need legal services to help you recover after a storm surge, reach out to a Pompano Beach water damage claims lawyer from VG Law. 

We will examine your case carefully and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. If a third party's action led to the damage, we would also hold them responsible. Call us today to schedule a free case review.

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