How well do you know what goes on in Florida's amusement parks? Do you know how often accidents and injuries at Universal Theme Parks occur? Find the information you need here.

Not many amusement parks stand out as Universal Studios Florida Theme Park does. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the theme park features many amazing rides and attractions for tourists and visitors. The Universal Studios Florida, Island of Adventure, Universal's Volcano Bay, and Universal Citywalk are parts of the Universal Orlando Resort. Unfortunately, specific safety concerns may require that you consult a personal injury attorney in Florida to file liability claims against them.

Universal Studios Orlando Theme Park isn't immune to the horrific amusement park accidents that other relaxation parks experience. Like other major theme parks and amusement centers in the USA, numerous accidents and injuries at Universal Theme Parks have occured. While some of the accidents result in minor injuries, a significant number of them are fatal.

Whether you're a foreign tourist or local planning on visiting Universal Orlando theme parks, this article will interest you. In it, we'll discuss the common amusement park rides accidents that happen at Universal Studios, Florida. You'll also learn what to do after a theme park accident in the city.

Are Amusement Park Accidents Common in Universal Studios Florida?

Florida is home to some of the US' major parks—Orlando Seaworld, Walt Disney World, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Like these parks, the Universal Studios Orlando enjoys massive visits from tourists and fun-seekers and makes millions of dollars yearly.

According to statistics, Florida Universal Studios is among the most visited theme parks globally. This may be one contributing factor to its high rate of ride injuries. Unfortunately, many of such cases go unreported. As such, there's hardly accurate data on the number of accidents and injuries at Universal Theme Parks.

Florida mandates Universal Orlando Resort theme parks to submit an injury report at the end of every three months. Visitors' health issues will make the report only when they involve hospitalization for 24 hours or more. 

The following are notable accident cases that have happened in Florida's Universal theme parks over many years:

There are many more reported and unreported Universal theme park accidents in Florida. However, from the above accidents, we can understand how common and devastating amusement park accidents are.

Common Causes of Injuries at Universal Theme Parks

The Universal Studios' theme park comprises eight themed areas with stores, rides, dining areas, and other attractions. Hogwarts express, Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster, Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, etc., are among its most popular rides. Sadly,  while these rides provide top-notch fun for visitors, they can also become sources of severe bodily injuries and death.

Numerous dangerous conditions and factors may cause severe or fatal accidents in popular theme parks. They include the following: 

  • Mistakes From Ride Operators 

Ride operator errors cause a significant number of common accidents in amusement parks. They usually occur from their inability to follow correct procedures. An example of operator error would be stopping a ride at the wrong time due to carelessness. 

  • Improper Maintenance

Theme parks have numerous machines that require regular maintenance. That's because even the slightest equipment or machinery malfunction can result in severe, life-threatening injuries. Lack of proper maintenance can cause such malfunctions.

  • Disregard for Standard Safety Regulations 

The Florida Department of Agriculture exempts large parks and trade shows from state safety regulations. Despite the exemption from federal safety oversight, it's in everyone's interest that they obey standard safety best practices. Failure to do so predisposes guests to various types of accidents at the parks.

  • Inadequate Safety Equipment 

The inherent dangers and risks associated with park machinery require adequate safety equipment. Without such, visitors have no protection against accidents and injuries.

  • Electrical Faults and Mechanical Failures 

Mechanical failures are one of the causes of roller coaster accidents and other mishaps in amusement parks. Sometimes, the failure is due to a design defect, leading to product liability lawsuits.

  • Guests' Negligence 

Injury victims can cause their accidents by disobeying ride safety instructions. Guests and visitors have a part in ensuring the safety of theme parks in Orlando. When they disregard safety rules, they put themselves at risk of devastating injuries.

Common Injuries Victims Are at Risk of in Florida Universal Studios Theme Park

Accidents and injuries at Universal Theme Parks have caused numerous kinds of medical issues. While some may be minor, others are catastrophic and life-altering. The severity of theme park injuries depends on the nature of the accident and other factors.

The following injuries are typical of amusement and theme park injuries in Florida:

  • Head injuries 
  • Traumatic brain injury/brain damage 
  • Neck injuries 
  • Broken bones 
  • Amputations 
  • Chest pain and massive heart attack
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Psychological trauma and mental anguish 
  • Burn injuries 
  • Spinal cord injuries 

What To Do After Sustaining Amusement Park Injuries in South Florida 

If you wish to file personal injury lawsuits or claims following a Universal theme park injury, do these:

  • Seek Urgent Medical Attention

One of the first things to do after a Universal theme park accident is to visit your doctor immediately. It will limit your chances of developing complications from your injuries.  

You can get urgent medical care for minor injuries at Universal Studios' on-site first-aid facility. For severe injuries, visit the nearest EMT. Visiting a doctor can also provide evidence for your claim through your medical records.

  • Report Your Injuries 

Let the park administrators know about your injuries immediately after the accident happens. That's especially if your case doesn't require urgent medical attention. Such cases are not likely to get the park's administrator's notice.

  • Document Your Injuries 

Pictures and videos of the accident scene and your injuries are very important. They can help to show the true extent of your injuries at a glance. If you can't document your injuries yourself, ask someone to do it for you. The pictures should be clear and show your injuries at strategic angles.

  • Contact an Experienced Lawyer 

An experienced Universal theme park attorney can help your case in many ways. Simply hiring a competent legal representative increases your chance of maximum compensation. They'll help you avoid mistakes in your claim and ensure that you enjoy all the legal benefits you deserve.

Contact an Experienced Universal Studios Orlando Injury Attorney Right Away

Have you sustained severe injuries in a theme park accident? Then you need the best medical care possible to heal quickly and properly. You also deserve financial damages for your bodily injuries, property damage, and emotional trauma. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will increase your chances of maximum compensation in your personal injury claims.

That's where the Florida personal injury lawyers at VG Law Group come in. Whether you're filing an injury claim or an amusement park injury lawsuit, we've got you. We understand your legal needs as an injured person, and we will make sure to meet them. Consult with us immediately to determine your next course of action in bringing the negligent parties to book.

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