If you have been involved in a construction site accident, you have probably experienced a lot of financial and medical issues. In the midst of all the chaos, you are probably wondering whether it is a good idea to hire a construction accident attorney. The answer will depend on your specific situation, but it is usually yes.

Construction work is demanding and dangerous. It requires workers to climb to great heights, handle dangerous equipment, heavy machinery, and perform their job in inherently hazardous environments.

Construction site accidents happen when construction workers take all the required precautions but still end up suffering serious injuries while on the job. Any unsafe circumstances that may lead to injuries on a construction site may give the injured worker the right to pursue compensation from the construction company they work for and perhaps even other parties.

A construction accident attorney is a critical advocate for ensuring that you and your loved ones can protect all your legal rights. Here are some of the key considerations before hiring a construction accident attorney.

How Can a Construction Accident Attorney Help?

a construction worker lays unconscious after an injury on a florida highway

Hiring an experienced construction accident attorney will help you since he/she knows how to properly file a civil suit and under what laws to bring forth the suit, as well as helping you with a workers’ compensation claim if needed.

A good construction accident attorney will help you recover losses that result from your workplace accident and reduce the hassle as well as the amount of paperwork associated with your possible insurance and legal claims.

Working with an attorney can be the difference between a case that’s resolved justly and losing money taking care of the injuries sustained in the accident.

An experienced construction accident attorney will help you pursue compensation required for covering any losses incurred due to your accident, such as lost wages, medical expenses, as well as future medical needs. The lawyer may also help you and your family recover compensation if a loved one is killed on a construction site in what’s referred to as a wrongful death claim.

When Should You Hire a Construction Accident Attorney?

It is generally advisable to hire a construction accident attorney early on in the process to avoid making costly mistakes. The deadline for filing accident claims varies from one state to the next. In Florida, you typically have 4 years to file after a personal injury. Since you may need to cover the lost wages and pay for medical bills, the sooner you get in touch with a lawyer, the better. Injured workers should strive to contact a lawyer shortly after the incident, within 1 to 2 weeks.

If your employer’s or insurance provider’s representative offers you a settlement, don’t take it before you first consult your lawyer. The first offer might not be in your best interests, particularly if you have financial losses or additional injuries not included in the offer.

What Questions Should You Ask a Construction Accident Attorney?

Many lawyers offer free, short consultations to help them determine whether or not to take your case. Prior to speaking with the lawyer, it is important to have as much detailed information and facts as possible about the construction accident, including all your injuries and financial losses. 

It is also advisable to bring any pictures of the scene or the injuries, your employment contract or other paperwork, any medical records, any record of days that you missed from work, among other things. The information and documentation you provide will help the attorney determine the merit of the case, along with the best first steps to take.

It is advisable to hire an experienced construction accident attorney that’s well-versed in the relevant national and state workplace safety, product liability, negligence, or transportation laws. Look for a lawyer that knows how to properly prepare for a case, negotiate a settlement offer, and knows how to deal with workers’ compensation or even insurance and health care companies. During the consultation, it is important to ask preliminary questions to help you know the lawyer better and see what type of experience they have:

  • How long have you been practicing law? How long have you handled construction accident cases?
  • What’s a typical settlement range for cases just like mine?
  • To what extent is the practice devoted to construction accident cases? How many construction accidents have you handled? How often do you go through the process of litigation? How often do you settle?
  • What’s your fee structure? What out-of-pocket expenses am I expected to cover? Construction accident cases can be taken on a contingency basis meaning that the attorney gets nothing if you fail to win. However, if you win, will you owe the attorney a specific amount such as 30 -40% of your settlement?
  • Can you provide any references?

Contact a Construction Accident Attorney

If you have been the victim of a construction site accident, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. If the incident is covered by workers’ compensation, you could be entitled to medical care and cash benefits. 

a construction worker is injured after a fall at a fort lauderdale construction site

If your case doesn’t qualify for workers’ compensation benefits or if a third party was at fault, you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit. If the court finds the defendant guilty, you may be compensated not only for your injuries, which includes medical expenses, but also the money you might have been unable to earn due to the injury. You can be compensated for medical care, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and perhaps even more.

Find out more about your right to compensation by scheduling your free consultation with one of our lawyers. Our knowledgeable and friendly professionals are waiting to see how best to represent your interests. With the help of a Florida personal injury law firm, you can recover compensation that will help ensure that you have a more stable future, even after being involved in a serious accident. Get in touch with a construction accident attorney at VG Law Group, LLP today.

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